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Each batch of coffee is roasted on order! Your coffee is so fresh that we actually recommend waiting about 7 days off roast to brew it so the coffee can properly degas. With that, the time it takes for the coffee to degas to reach optimal flavor coincides perfectly with the time it takes for the coffee to ship, so you're receiving the freshest coffee possible! Cheers!

The main benefit to vacuum sealing your beans or ground coffee is that it stays fresher for longer. The normal shelf life for coffee is about 4 weeks, but if it's been vacuum sealed and stored at room temperature that number can jump to around 16 months. Enjoy!

When coffee is grown at higher altitudes (at least 5,700ft above sea level), it has a number of beneficial effects on the beans. When you grow coffee at a higher altitude it slows the development and ripening of the beans. This is because the temperature of the environment is cooler which causes the beans to develop more slowly. The slow growth of the beans allows them to absorb more nutrients and become much more dense and harder than grow coffee at lower elevations. This means that there are more antioxidants in the beans and that you will get more out of the coffee you are drinking. Not only is the coffee much more nutrient dense, it is also superior in taste. Most expensive high quality coffees are grown at higher elevations to maximize their flavor.

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Here you can place an explanation or answer to the question.



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