Healthiest Iced Coffee

Healthiest Iced Coffee

For coffee lovers, with the changes in season come changes in morning habits. More precisely, hot coffee is being replaced by cold coffee, and even though both come with the same amount of caffeine, a new study suggests that in terms of health benefits, hot coffee is much better than iced coffee.

In the new study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia compared the acidity and antioxidant activity of coffees in different forms: hot and cold.

The good news about hot coffee?

The level of antioxidant activity is much higher. Let's remember that antioxidants are beneficial for health, and coffee consumption can lead to a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and early death.

"Research shows that (no-coffee) can be very good for health (...) We discovered that an increased antioxidant capacity is found in warm coffee", said the co-author of the study, Meghan Fuller, doctor and professor of chemistry at the University Thomas Jefferson. "Further research is needed to fully understand possible differences in the health effects of coffee over time and temperature," Fuller continued.

Healthiest Iced Coffee

The acidity in hot and cold coffee is similar

Fuller and Rao, the two authors of the study, found that the acidity in hot and cold coffee was similar. In the past, cold coffee was considered less acidic, meaning easier on the stomach, but the new study shows that the pH level in hot and cold coffee varies between 4.85 and 5.13.

However, if you like to drink your coffee cold, with ice, we remind you that it also contains antioxidants, polyphenols and minerals. In addition, because it is more aromatic, you will no longer be tempted to add sweeteners, milk or cream, and thus consume less fat and calories.

Want to know what makes coffee healthy? Read this article and discover how coffee can help you stay healthy.

Iced Latte coffee at home

How to prepare the classic Iced Latte Coffee


     1 l water
     1 liter of milk
     250 g of sugar
     100 g ground coffee

Method of preparation:

     put water to boil, add sugar and coffee;
     strain the coffee;
     pour the milk over the coffee;
     put ice cubes in a tall glass;
     pour the milk with the coffee over the ice.


The most refreshing recipes based on cold coffee - how to prepare them right at home

The intense aroma of coffee and the delicious taste of a refreshing dessert on a hot afternoon. All in one glass or on a plate. With whipped cream or milk foam, with fruit or with cinnamon, the recipes based on cold coffee are simple and quick and you don't have to be an expert to prepare your own version.

Just like delicious lemonade, cold coffee invigorates you, whether you enjoy it as it is or use it to prepare other delicious desserts. Before seeing some recipes in this regard, it is good to know that there are some differences between iced coffee and cold brew coffee.

Feel free to discover a few iced coffee recipes at home.

iced coffee recipes

For iced coffee, you need chilled hot coffee or instant coffee prepared with cold water and ice cubes. Cold coffee is not cold coffee but prepared exclusively with cold water, it has a finer texture and the taste is less bitter than classic coffee. Here, below, is how to prepare both types of coffee:

How to get cold brew coffee right at your home


     ¾ cup coffee beans

     4 cups of cold water

Method of preparation:

     grind the coffee beans and add cold water over them;

     mix well, to make sure that the ground grains are well-soaked;

     put the contents in a jar, tie it to the mouth with gauze and leave it at room temperature for 12 hours;

     strain the coffee and put it in the refrigerator (it keeps the same intensity for about a week).

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